Documentation Debt in Scrum

Recently one of my Scrum Masters came to me with a question. He said, “We have been going crazy building things since we switched to Scrum a few months ago. We have made some major changes to our system architecture and design, but we haven’t documented them. That is starting to scare me. What should […]

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Be Careful What You Test For

My teams are great. I’m not on them…I own them. At least as far as an executive ‘owns’ his teams. In an Agile world, when we say ‘own’ we kind of mean ‘is responsible for the success of ‘ or some such thing. What I’m trying to say is, don’t take umbrage at the words […]

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I’m a New Scrum Master!

(My First Sprint as a Scrum Master – What do I do now?) We just waved good-bye to our coach after spending two days with her. The first day was all classroom training on Scrum for the team. The second day was practical application. We actually planned out our first sprint! She coached us, but […]

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Superstitious Behavior

I have a degree in behavioral psychology. It’s not the only degree I have, but I do have it. To the best of my knowledge, the only time I actually used it was to cover up a really bad stain on the wall of a rental apartment I once had in Louisville, KY. But you […]

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The Mystery of Commitment

I have this problem with commitment, and it’s not because I’m a guy. You may or may not know that Scrum comes complete with a set of values by which we are supposed to guide our daily professional lives, or at least our life within the team. Of the five values, Commitment might just be […]

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