I’m a New Scrum Master!

(My First Sprint as a Scrum Master – What do I do now?)
We just waved good-bye to our coach after spending two days with her. The first day was all classroom training on Scrum for the team. The second day was practical application. We actually planned out our first sprint! She coached us, but we did it. Now, she’s gone and I’m the Scrum Master. I’m not exactly sure what that means, except I’m kind of in charge and not in charge at the same time, and I know for sure that nobody else on our team is the Scrum Master. What do I do now? It was so simple when the coach was here…

I know we’re supposed to have daily scrums, so I’ll schedule them in everybody’s calendar. Gotta find a place to meet, where we can meet every day. Same-time-same-place is a good idea. Do we have to decide as a team or am I allowed to actually make a decision? Hmmmm. I remember “Ask the team” from my training or some blog or somewhere. Can’t possibly go wrong with that, can I? How about the hallway outside of my cube? I can hang all of the flip chart sheets with story cards on them there.

Ack! What about the burndown? Guess I better draw up one of those, huh? One piece of flipchart paper. I guess it’s…what the heck was that…oh yeah, total estimated effort from the Sprint Backlog tasks. No Product Backlog item estimates included…just the estimates of tasks.

We only had time to really pay attention to the first part of the Product Backlog during our Sprint Planning. That part is now in this sprint. What do I do about the rest? I know if I ignore it, it’ll be a pain to dredge it all up at the next planning meeting. Oh yeah! They said something about this. I’ll schedule an hour of team time at the beginning of the second week of the iteration. We’ll get together and talk about the rest of the Product Backlog. We can estimate and re-prioritize it then. No doubt we’ll add a few PBIs (heh heh…I was the one who asked what PBI meant during the coaching session. Product Backlog Item. I like to call ’em all stories anyway.) and maybe dump a few, too. Product Owner needs to be there. Hah! Better be there or we’ll start making decisions without him. I better go talk to him. It’ll be good to have the PB ready to go for the next iteration planning. Maybe we can get out of there in a couple of hours instead of all day like last time.

What else? Better reserve conference rooms for the Sprint Review, Retrospective, and Sprint Planning meetings coming up. In fact, while I’m at it, I think I’ll reserve rooms for the rest of the year! I already know when I’m going to need them, right? And I can stick invites onto our manager’s calendar, and her boss, and his boss (my grand-boss), and…why not? The VP (my great-grand-boss)! And how about UEX folks, and their boss, and maybe a QA manager or two? I really want them involved so we can talk about getting them more closely involved in the sprints anyway.

So what if nobody comes? At least they’ll know something new is going on. And all I need is one or two people to show up once and see something unusual or interesting, and they’ll mention it to other people, and who knows what’ll happen then?
It can’t be this easy, can it? Heck, I still have enough energy to start my Impediment Log, where I’ll keep track of all of our blockers. That ought to be interesting to look at in a couple of months.

And I might as well start looking at http://groups.yahoo.com/scrumdevelopment. There’s all kinds of stuff to learn still, I can see that. Hmmmm. I wonder what this Kanban thing is all about?


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