What Kind of Manager are You?

Over the years people have identified some styles of management with cute names. Most of the cute names are for obviously bad styles, but not all. Anyway, since I’ve learned a new one recently I thought it miht be fun to review. So I did, and by golly! I found a bunch of different styles […]

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Metrics for Your Scrum Team

I have spent the past couple of years as the owner of some scrum teams and when I integrate that experience with years of doing, teaching, and coaching scrum I find that I have finally found some good ways to use metrics. This article is for all of you managers and scrum masters out there […]

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It’s Agile’s Fault

Last night I launched FourSquare for the first time in several weeks so I could check in from Dubai International Airport, which is another story entirely. No big surprise, FourSquare has been upgraded since I last used the app. Guess what, though? The new version sucks. I hate it. I intend to uninstall it and […]

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New Information

I mentioned in my last post about the Indian shower design thing where they tend to leak all over the bathroom floor. Well, on my way to Shanghai yesterday I was sitting next to a Swiss guy who happens to be living in France but is moving back to St. Louis next week. Yuh…huh. Anyway, […]

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Spending two weeks doing CSM courses in India. Here are a few mostly non-agile non-scrum non-professional notes: Two 9 hour flights in a row is still long. On the way into Delhi, they announced that they had to fumigate the airplane before landing! A moment later you could smell the perfumed insecticide. Turns out it […]

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